The Girlfriend Experience


1 hour - $650

1.5 hours - $950

2 hours - $1,300

3 hours - $1,800

4 hours - $2,200

(I do not offer bookings longer than four hours in duration)

(I do not offer outcalls)



The majority of my sessions require a deposit to be paid to secure time in my calendar. Like you I have a busy schedule and like to plan my week in advance! Deposits are a $500 payment via bank account (I have a discreet corporate account) and you can pay anonymously at a smart ATM or over the counter at a branch. If discretion is not a concern for you I will accept an electronic transfer in advance. The remaining funds will be paid by you in cash on the day we meet.


Your booking will be confirmed only once your deposit is received. 



Monday - Thursday 10AM - 9PM

Friday - 10AM - 5PM

(I am not available on weekends)


The Girlfriend Experience

I am naturally a very sensual person and I am a natural giver so I feel most comfortable making you the centre of attention in our intimate time together. Should we choose to meet you will enjoy a soft and sensual lover like experience.

Affectionate cuddling

Affectionate kissing





Oil massage


Multiple positions

Sexy, high quality lingerie & stilettos

(*Provided at my discretion)

(I do not offer any extra services)


Manners - 

I am a polite and respectful woman and I expect the same from my gentlemen clients. Manners are of the utmost importance to me. I have a very full, stable and enjoyable personal life outside of my work and will not tolerate being treated as anything lesser than the grown and respectable woman I am.


Hygiene -

My incall is stocked with adequate soap, deodorant, cologne and mouthwash for your convenience. Practicing proper hygiene is of the utmost importance. A lack of acceptable hygiene will lead to restricted services. 


Payment -

It is polite to offer your payment in the early stages of your session to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience. 


Gifts -

Though the thought of a gift is lovely and much appreciated I prefer not receive physical gifts from clients for personal reasons. If you choose to express additional thanks for our time together a tip or a Westfield voucher is ideal. At the risk of sounding boring I am a very practical person!

Becoming a regular client - 

To become a regular client of mine I must genuinely enjoy my time with you too! As such I am quite selective about who I choose to see again after an initial session (keep in mind first time clients must pass screening also). This does not mean I am a snob it purely means I like for us to have some common ground and be on each others wavelength so to speak. My regular clients are a mix of many ethnicities and stages of life from the ambitious young University student to the established professional man.