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trying to process the noise, the hustle and the allure of the sex industry I request that you pause, bring your attention to your breath, slow down your mind and just BE for a moment.

As you stand at the cliff’s edge,

You have found your way to me and I genuinely do not believe that was an accident. Just as you seek something meaningful, as do I and not just in the meeting of us but in life holistically. My real name I will not share with you but the real ME I will. I have served men in a multitude of ways and I have come to the understanding that just as you do not seek a heartless, transactional experience, nor do I.

My reviews and reputation are testament to my abilities to perform this craft at the highest level but for now, I would like to just let that fact be. I am not interested in a hard sell of myself as a product. Instead I would prefer you to make a call on whether or not you would like to spend time with me as a HUMAN.

As a woman (definitely WOMAN, not girl) I am bright, capable, calm, holistic and grounded. I live a very simple life with yoga, health, personal relationships and business being my primary focus. I chose to build a business in this industry because I had always been fascinated by it and intuitively I knew I had something rare and valuable to offer. I am proud of the woman I am and I do not seek approval from others. I am CONTENT to be ME. 

I have a strong appreciation for the arts and for alternative ways of thinking and being. I appreciate the notion of simplicity and spirituality more and more. I am not in a race, war or competition with any other, not even myself. I understand that NO ONE is for everyone and I am no exception.

If what I have written here resonates with you on a level beyond that which is physical then you and I will meet in alignment with each other. I commit to you that I will be present not only in my body but in my entire being when we are together.

When you take that step from the cliff’s edge you will find that I, in all of my expansiveness, will be here for you to immerse with and in.

'Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.' - Rumi

Love a woman, called Ocean.

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