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About me.

In life we are all seeking something.
Perhaps you seek connection, intimacy, raw sexual expression, companionship
or simply a new experience.
My role, as your courtesan, purely and simply is to give you what you need.
Be it physical, mental or spiritual.

I find that the best experiences are born from a natural alignment of minds and desires. 

Here is a window into who and what I am… 

I love unconventional ways of thinking and being.
I love sex.
I love the coming together of us as complete strangers and yet experiencing the most intimate physical bond.
I love manners and kindness.
I love being naked.
I love simplicity.
I love sophistication.
I love kink, taboo and discovering the many unexpected twists and turns on my own sexual journey.
I love yoga and meditation.
I love living from a place of love and appreciation.
I love femininity and submission.
I love serving and being served.
I love worshipping a man’s cock.
I love observing the world from my own unique and uncluttered perspective.
I love experiencing the diversity of the entire world’s races, religions and backgrounds through the dimension of skin on skin.
i love the PURITY of the work I perform.
I love comfort and ease which comes through total self acceptance.
I love being seeing an idea flourish into form.
I love beauty.
I love being fucked.
I love creativity and creation.
I love learning.
I love quiet.
I love music.
I love the unexpected and beautiful unfolding of life.

There is much to be said for trusting your own instinct, your intuition. If something about me has resonated with you then I urge you to overcome any fears you may have and to send a simple introductory message letting me know that you would love to meet me. From initial contact with me right through all of our encounters you will find me to be friendly, polite, respectful, unpretentious and kind hearted.

Love Ocean xx