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Prostitution; the oldest profession in the world. The one profession which regardless of modern advances will never be disrupted into oblivion. Why? Because at our core we are animal and who we are at our core can NEVER be abandoned. Hidden yes, but never can we truly separate ourselves from our insatiable lust for flesh. 


I do what I do because I love sex and I am fascinated by the mind. I am not ashamed of my profession nor am I apologetic. I am smart, savvy and sexual. I have turned who and what I am into a craft and I have approached this process as an Artist from day one. I live by my own CONSCIOUSLY curated ideals and have found MEANING in carving out my own path, albeit unconventional.


After much consideration regarding how precisely to encapsulate all that I do into a few lines of text, I have instead decided to let those who have experienced me educate you on what I have to offer. Below you will find what I feel is a true and balanced selection of quotes from my reviews over the past several years. (Full reviews can be found on my Scarlet Blue advertisement.)


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what I may do for you.
Thanks also to those who took the time to compose the words below.

With much love, Ocean xx



“What Ocean does goes beyond listening. She is not merely

smiling, nodding and letting your words wash over her, she is actively

engaged and interested in learning about you. With some other women,

conversation is merely there to fill in the awkward silence of

recovering potency. With Ocean, the conversation is the point. It is

obvious that here is a mistress of her chosen craft, and that craft is

people: their minds, souls - and bodies.” - W



“Don't feel intimidated by her obvious style, intelligence, refinement and grace, when Ocean invites you to her couch and starts chatting, you will feel instantly at ease. You will appreciate what a wonderfully warm, authentic, interesting, funny person she is. When it's time to move to the bedroom, you'll realise you are in the care of a courtesan, of rare and exquisite talent. You'll know Ocean is totally in the moment, given over, mind and body, to the giving and receiving of pleasure.” - Pedro




“From our first encounter, she presented herself with a sense of grace, sophistication, and kindness that I rarely encounter in my day to day activities. When talking to her I was able to let myself go and discuss aspects of my life that I had never felt comfortable discussing with anyone else, an act that due to her very welcoming nature and genuine desire to listen to me has helped me greatly mentally as well as physically since.


The magic this woman possesses to help bring men back from the brink and light the fire within them that is best described as a lust for life is truly out of this world.” - Brock



“So here i am, telling you, after almost 6 months of being with Ocean on many varied adventures, please, let yourself float into her world. Be consumed.


Its intoxicating, you will never look back, experiences created in the depths with Ocean will not be forgotten. You will be in the company of an exquisite and unique person.


Guiding me, nurturing me, making my body and mind feel and do things unimaginable until they are placed gently at my feet, is one amazing woman- Ocean. Keeper of our secrets, mistress to our desires, giver of the moments that quite simply breath life into the world at large.” R




“On reflection, my understanding has crystallised and explained for me why I prize Ocean’s existence. Simply put, Ocean is present. Some will call it mindfulness or Zen. It is tempting to say she is ‘still’ like the depths of the ocean, but no. The ocean is forever in motion and so is Ocean. Ocean is present, she is immersive and accepting of those who will swim in her and to whatever depth, they may dare. Ocean accepts you, your unique stories and human experience as much as she accepts your adoration and your cock.” - AD




“I like my women classy and this lady is pure class. She looked divine. 

Conversation can range from any topic and lady listens and contributes. The added bonus is you can't shock Ocean. She's completely open - and honest.” - Peter




“Ocean takes you to another world, another place, another time where the classic courtesan ruled by proxy and garnered respect and fortunes for their skills and trade. A time where they alone could start or stop wars and bring nations to their knees, she certainly conquered my world.” - AD




“We spend a lot of time talking about matters of the mind, philosophy, spirituality, the pursuit of hedonistic pleasure. As well as our shared interests of architecture, design, music and creativity. It is rare for me to be able to discuss with any woman the topics we discuss. Stockhausen, Nietzsche, Mapplethorpe, the Eames', early German prog rock (true), Japanese art, Russian constructivism (again true), typography, our favourite porn stars and topics such as Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfalls love of a mars bar eaten on a lambs wool rug. All of these topics we have shared. 


In the hours we have met I have built an extraordinary connection with this young lady and it is very unusual but so genuine, so intoxicating and oh so sexy.


Is there anything sexier than a beautiful, extremely intelligent woman who I might add laughs at my jokes. I often say she gives a wonderful 'head job' but I say this referring to her mind and the intellectual, spiritual connection she makes. (She does however really know how to suck cock as well).” - OG




“I have seen Ocean many times. I have the privilege of being a regular swimmer, but nothing prepared me for this night. ‘I have worn my sluttiest outfit for you’, she said as she shed her overcoat and I lifted that short black dress that was hugging her perfect bottom and discovered (as I could have guessed) that there was nothing underneath it. Our mouths locked in a kiss that exuded such passion and anticipation, it was at once sacred and wanton. 

What followed was raw, animalistic and so deeply connected that even if I wanted to I could not describe what we shared. It was one of those experiences that had us both speechless as we parted, and equally unable to describe the mechanics of what was at its heart as much a spiritual experience as a physical one. Ocean has described herself as “I am kink”. Together, we have explored the boundaries of this and she has taught me the richness of kink in connecting with another in mind and spirit in a way that creates a truly metaphysical experience while never ever disconnecting from what is a deeply physical encounter.” - Awestruck




“Obviously from the photos on this site you can see Ocean is beautiful and sexy, but in person she looks even better and somehow much younger. None of this matters though because what separates her from the many other girls that have come before is her personality, smarts and charm. From your first conversation with Ocean you realise that she is intelligent and that the upcoming experience will be unlike any you've had before. I believe at this stage she gets a gauge on you and will accommodate the best sexual experience suited to you.” - ZS




“So, this was my second time seeing O and oh was it amazing! She’d piqued my interest months ago with a Twitter post about being fucked in a mask, and around that same time that my head was swimming with a break-and-enter fantasy.


O is such an enthusiastic player of games that it was no problem getting her on board and she nailed it in the moment. Picture this: hot blonde having a quiet night at home, pleasuring herself on the bed and filming herself for later indulgence. Little does she know a masked intruder is peering in, enjoying the arousal of the small amount of skin he can see through the half-open bedroom door. His mind is made up; the girl is his and he opens the door into full view. The woman is startled and frozen to the bed while he swiftly pins her down, his weight bearing down on her body, hand over her mouth. A hush after a short struggle when she realises that he will have his way and there’s nothing she can do…” - Chris



“Ocean really knows where all the sweet spots are, and I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like it before. She eventually made it to my cock and gave me one of her signature blow jobs which are simply impossible to describe – you must experience it! The look in her eyes while she was devouring my cock and balls made it clear that she absolutely loves giving head.”- Dan

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